Meet Jason


I grew up in the suburbs of Denver in what is now Centennial and I am an actual native of Colorado. After attending Cherry Creek High School, I went to CU in Boulder where I earned my degree in Business Administration & Marketing (imagine that…someone that actually uses their degree). Before putting that degree to use however, I moved to Vail and lived the mountain lifestyle for several years. I was working in ski shops in the winter and as a raft & jeep tour guide in the summer, among other jobs. I honed my fishing skills on the Eagle River almost every night through the summer and logged 100+ days skiing in the winter. Life was good…but not all that rewarding, so I moved back to Denver to get on with my life and start a career.
Back in Denver, my first real job was selling copiers and let me tell you, that was tough. I hated it and the constant cold calling that was required. That being said, I wanted to learn the sales techniques and skills they were teaching. As much as I hated that job, I knew it would serve me well in my career and plowed ahead for over a year with that company (I’m glad I did as those skills come in handy now when dealing with other agents in this business). Prior to getting my real estate license I worked for Intrawest (ski resort company) as a sales manager in their retail division. It was a great job with wonderful people and the travel took me to amazing locations: Breckenridge, Steamboat, Aspen, Vail, Tahoe, Park City, Killington, & Whistler were regular stops…I think you get the idea. During this time I bought my first rental property and became completely hooked on real estate.
The house I bought was a duplex and, truth be told, if the other half of it wasn’t rented out within 2 months of my purchase, I couldn’t have made the mortgage payment. It worked out in the end and I invested in 2 more properties over the next couple of years. I loved real estate. I enjoyed the search, the evaluation of the properties, fixing them up, everything. So I went to my wife Sara and said I wanted to get my license and go into real estate as a career.
She listened to me and nodded but I knew that she was more than a little worried about the idea. At the time, we had been married for a little over a year, she was pregnant with our first child and we were planning to buy a new house. Great time for me to leave my current job, right? Sara is a saint. I always say I “married up” and that’s for sure in my opinion. That being said, she supported me all the way and in the span of 2 weeks during the summer of 2003; we bought a new house, had our first child, and I quit my job to go into real estate.
Well, here I am, about 12 years later, with over 200 sales totaling over $70 million. I would say it worked out pretty well up to this point. I still love real estate and what I do for a living. I do. I love it. Lots of agents out there are just in it for the money. It’s a numbers game for them. I’ve seen some meet their clients twice…once to sign the contract and once at the closing to collect their check. Others I’ve met are flat out embarrassed to say they are real estate brokers. I just don’t think either these types of brokers get it. They don’t understand how cool this job can be.

Here are the top 6 reasons why I love my career:

6. Winters are slower from a work standpoint. I have time to coach my son’s hockey team and ski with my family. Ok, this is more for me but it helps me to recharge and keep my balance.
5. I find out about couples being pregnant before parents/family/anyone else finds out at least once a year. It’s pretty awesome how much I get to know about my clients.
4. I enjoy the search. I’m on hunt all the time looking for the right home for people I like.
3. I enjoy analyzing property values. If I wasn’t a broker I would probably want to be an analyst of some sort…crunching numbers is fun for me.
2. Great clients. Lots of my friends became clients and almost all of my clients I now consider my friends.
1. It is incredibly rewarding. Helping people move on to the next stage of their lives is a tremendous responsibility and one I don’t take lightly. To do my job well I have to be part analyst, part financial advisor, part inspector, part marketer, part salesman, part negotiator, part architect… and a lot of personal and/or marriage counselor. I truly enjoy helping people I care about with this major change in their life.

A quick side-story on the rewarding aspect of my job. I remember vividly a couple I helped purchase a home a few years back. It wasn’t the lowest sales price I’ve had but pretty darn close. It took us about 8 months to find the house and get to closing. I had helped them find down payment assistance through a local program that gave them the funds for their down payment. Anyways, we were at the house doing our final walkthrough and the husband came up to me. He said, “This is a dream for us…this is something we never thought we would get or was possible in our lifetimes. Thank you for making it happen.” I just about cried. That’s rewarding.
These days Sara and I have 2 fantastic children (Robbie and Abby) who love sports and the outdoors just as much as we do. Abby plays lacrosse, competes in gymnastics, and is a ski racer in the winter. Robbie plays baseball, lacrosse, hockey, and still gets 20 days of skiing in a year. Needless to say, if I’m not looking at houses with someone or prepping a home to go on the market, I’m probably driving one of my kids to a sports event…and I wouldn’t change a thing.